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“I’m turning phone numbers into dates…”

“I’ve had 3 dates in the past week…”

I’m not going to lie. I used to think dates were a complete waste of time and only something chumps did. In my mind, going on a date either meant a boring dinner/movie date, and a peck on the cheek at the end of the night. Why would I want to do that? The fact that nothing ever happened when I took a girl out on a date the past 2 years really made me not register a date as a viable option in my mind of following up with a girl. Plus, I’ve been focused on meeting girls at bars and clubs.

I’m glad to find out I was pretty damn wrong about how dates could be. I realized that my dates in the past were so typical, boring, and the attitudes I had kept making me fall into the friend zone. In short, the Dates course taught me how to not only how to make dates fun, exciting, and physical, but also gave me the right mindsets. And, not to brag or anything, but I’ve had 3 dates in the past week. 2 of those dates progressed way beyond my previous experiences, so I’m definitely happy with the results.

Jon J.

“I’m the guy women want now…”

I was always okay with women, but most of it was blind luck and the girl throwing herself at me (which didn’t happen that often). But, I never got the success on dates and with women in general I wanted because I was being stupid. I don’t like to listen to other’s people’s advice, and for years I just took what was given to me (which wasn’t that great).

I’m the guy women want now, and it’s all because of the Dates course. It really opened my eyes as to how wrong my mindsets were, and also taught me how to actually hold a proper date. Being taught the right mental “game” and logistical game on how to hold dates really was the key thing that gave me results, and I’m glad I picked this up.

David K.

“Women love going on dates with me…”

I’m on cloud 9 right now. I’ve always felt a little bit “out of the game” so to speak because it seemed like a lot of the material out there is designed for one night stands, same night lays, or just something that’s merely physical. I’ll admit it – I love the act of connecting with a girl so a lot of times I was able to go deep into comfort with women.

Although this translated to dates, nothing ever happened physically. This was incredibly frustrating because I wanted to physically and emotionally connect with the women I went on dates on. Luckily for me, the dates course taught me how to plan a date to make sure it turned physical, as well as taught me how to stop being a boring provider boyfriend type of guy. Let’s just say this – women love going on dates with me and I’ve never been happier.

Dan K.

“I can date beautiful women now”

I was completely terrible with women – the consummate nice guy, orbiter, a huge “You’re a great friend” type of guy. I was pretty damn lost and confused.

Getting the dates course was definitely worth the investment though. I never really realized how wrong common dating advice is, and this course also was a mind-opener on all the negative, unhealthy beliefs I had. I realized I put women on a pedestal, and thought dates should be like what you see in Hollywood. The times I did ask women out on dates when I met them through friends, things always turned out awkward.

Things have changed since then though. There’s been some learning errors, but I’ve been on some dates with attractive women. It’s awesome knowing I can date beautiful women now, and I’ve got to thank this course for helping me get there.

Anthony R.

“Things have changed so much for the better…”

“The final piece to my dating life…”

I have studied Pickup for over a year after taking a bootcamp with Love Systems. Now that I created such a big persona at the bar and more of my numbers I am pulling are starting to stick, I appear so much less sure of myself when getting dates.

This was until I was introduced to the new Dating Home Study Course, which has taken care of my problem. Not only do I maintain the connection I created when meeting girls, I have my designated date locations to ensure logistical progression. Best of all, I have been able to form a physical and emotional connection without being sleazy.

It is as if Love Systems has finally created the final piece to my dating life puzzle. Knowing that a woman is going to have an amazing time when going out with me puts my confidence into a place I never thought it could be.

Alex S.

“I learned how to re-ignite the attraction….”

Along with being from a big city, I meet a lot of women since I am quite naturally a friendly guy with a big social circle. For some reason though, I get stuck with the dates going nowhere. Every rejection imaginable has been presented to me; friend zone, not looking for anything serious, girls disappearing off the face of the earth. I couldn’t maintain the good feelings I created during my first impression.

This was until I was given the opportunity to be in Love Systems Date! The Complete Home Study Course Beta group. It seemed to touch upon every mistake I made. When I went out with a girl I met at a bar this week, I learned how to re-ignite the attraction I had built originally. It was almost as if we not only picked up where we left off, it made it so simple to progress emotionally on the date.

Spencer S.

“My prayers have been answered…”

My prayers have been answered. Like a lot of students, I like being involved in with just about every flavor of woman. From the girl next door, to the perfect 10 club girl. I use to have my standard routines and subjects I liked to touch on during dates, but I would only see success with the same type of girl. The lifestyle I want to live involves multiple relationships with women from all walks of life. This new dating study guide has given me EVERYTHING I have needed in order to achieve a lifestyle I never thought possible. The last 2 weeks I have built such incredible relationships with 3 different girls that share absolutely NOTHING in common with each other.

Roger F.

“3 dates now with very attractive women…”

“Crush any made up rule society has told you…”

It is hard out there for a pimp, especially when you are dropping serious coin just to get girls into your bedroom. I don’t make enough money to take a girl out for drinks and dinner 3 times before we start connecting physically. If you are like me, GET THIS STUDY GUIDE!

I figured If I wasn’t getting laid when I first met a girl, 3 dates was the standard and there was no breaking that rule. Not only will this give you the tools to overcome this myth, you will learn to crush any other made up rule society has told you about women and dating.

Jake T.

“Change every aspect of your dating life…”

I have been in the game for years now. I have been involved with multiple companies and gone on several weekend workshops. In my opinion, you get what you pay for. Love Systems is one of the top tier companies when it comes to attracting women and building connections with women, but I think there are a couple of other dating companies that could compete. This new dating home study course has now separated them from the rest. This is like no other product in the industry. With all the detailed reading, videos, and examples on how to progress dates forward, this just shows that you can completely change every aspect of your dating life.

Brody E.

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