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3 Options to Master the Date!

Get into the top tier of men – kill it on your dates and sweep your date off her feet every time! Three options to Date! NOW:

  • Home Course – all Date! materials, including books, audio, video and exercises
  • Nick Hoss-Led Interactive Course – receive the Home Course, but also join a 9-week web course led by creator Nick Hoss(voted #1 dating coach in 2011) fully equipped with lecture, “homework” (going on dates), peer-learning and office hours
  • Nick Hoss-Led Individualized Course – the fast track. Includes a class by Nick Hoss (October to November) but also e-mail support (with 24-hour turnaround!) 3 1:1 phone consults! Check the pricing – it’s a bargain!

Fair warning – we only have 500 licenses. Copyright gets tricky when 10 world experts get involved. Our lawyers are sorting this out but in the meantime, that’s all we have.



(w/Nick Hoss)
(w/Nick Hoss)
3 Textbooks Containing all the knowledge of Date!
44-Exercise Student Workbook
13+ Audio Interviews with 7 dating experts
Launch Q & A Audio with Nick Savoy and Nick Hoss
Infield Video - of Dating Coach Darwin on an Insta-Date
Infield Audio - of Dating Coach Braddock in a Night Club
Interview on Dates with Future and Ajax
Dates Web Course with Nick Hoss
Access to the Attraction Lounge
Preparation call Q & A with Savoy and Hoss
Dating Coach e-mail Support (24-hour response)
Dating Coach Phone Consultations (3 x 30 minutes)
Total Value
LoveSystems Community Price

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